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Become an industry leader in waste management. How? Get your Swoople on!

Welcome to the Swoople Galaxy!

After five years of eradicating food waste with the F4A community, we decided to aim for a bigger impact and find solutions to other industries in need.
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The Anti-Waste Solution for Consumer Products

We are extending our offers not only to fresh and dry foods but any consumption goods such as hygiene products, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Wholesaler, Grocery & Restaurants

Get rid of your promotions, leftovers faster& enhance your customer’s journey​


Producing but not selling enough? We got your Back !

Specialty Shop

Too much stocks, fierceful competition and shrinking margins ? Don’t worry, we got THE solution for you !

Join the Green Tech Revolution

With our secret sauce of Green Artificial Intelligence, we are proud to offer our digital services to any business to increase their net margins and drastically reduce their shrinkage.

Swoople, your partner in crime where Green Technologies become yours in just a click!

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